How We Work

The very professional way to do work.

How We Work

1. New Case

It all starts with you creating a new case here at MistryIndia.

2. Find a Pro

It all starts with you creating a new case here at MistryIndia

3. Finish the job

The pro visits your site as scheduled, and fixes the issue.

4. Rate the Pro

Ofcourse you pay the technician, but more importantly you rate him.

But don't believe on our words!

Try our services by yourself !!

We have divided our work in four steps:

First Step: It starts with the first mail/call from vendor. From the very moment, we allot one of our executives to assist consumer to detail the project requirements. Once project and its requirements are detailed to the concerned person, the information is passed to next executive who will carry forward the project while keeping touch with customer. Meanwhile, we decide the completion priority (low, medium and high) as per time given for that project.

Second Step: In secondary procedure sample approval, costing and budgeting occurs maintaining the market standards of quality and costs. If both parties agree, NDA is signed with equal terms and conditions that must not be violated from any end.

Third Step: It is the development phase when work goes on engaging respective team members in it and updating customer regularly on daily basis.

Fourth Step: Here project is wrapped up at our end, forwarded it to customer. And after solving customer query (CQ), the project is over from our end.

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